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NaNo '06

All right, I know I haven't updated with anything here in quite some time. I'm planning on posting the remaining chapters of The Rights of Orisa here and possibly a few chapters of A Little Night Music and The Devon Saga here as well, but any works being posted here will be put on hold during the month of November due to NaNoWriMo. This will be my fifth year participating in NaNo and if I finish the 50K this year as well, it will be my fourth year completeing the challenge as well. So during November, this will be the only place outside of the forums where you can view my NaNo novel.

Here are some of the preliminary details for this year's entrant: (ETA: The intended novel has changed. Please read on!)

Working Title- ChangeChild

Genre- Fairytale romance

Setting- The land of Sancia (reminiscent of Victorian-era Europe)

Major Characters- Cecile (suh-CEE-luh): (Initially) The shy eight-year old son of one of the ruling nobles who is held somewhat in shame by his family because of his secret dream
Nietche (NEE-chee-uh): The nine-year-old sole heir of the Sancia royal family, a friendly and outgoing child who is spoiled and adored by everyone at court but whose caregivers wish she would act more appropriately and girlishly.

Secondary Characters:The King and Queen of Sancia: Nietche's grandparents and the much-beloved rulers of Sancia
The Duke and Duchess of Nomentine: Nietche's aunt and uncle who have raised her since the death of her parents when she was four.
Emelline and Davide: Cecile's parents and heads of the one of the ruling noble families

Possible Warnings- This story WILL deal with: politics, the arranged engagement of a minor to a much older character for a brief period of time, gender dysphoria, and, eventually, some unusual sexual situations to a small degree. There will be no graphic depictions of sex of violence, but if any of the above themes bother you, this year's NaNo novel is not for you.
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